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Other than the prime location, the Twin Lakes also boasts of hotel-style living conditions. In fact, if you do decide to take up residence in The Vineyard Residences, you will feel as if you are on a holiday every single day.

First of all, The Vineyard Residences condominium cluster has all of the creature comforts that you can expect from a high-end hotel, and maybe even more. There are lounge areas in each of the residential clusters. There is also a gym and wellness area where you can work out and relax, respectively. In addition, The Twin Lakes community has its own commercial shopping complex where the residents, and even people who do not reside in there, can spend their time shopping and relaxing.

One of the most notable features of the community is the real, working vineyard that is right next door to the condominium complex. There, you will see acres upon acres of wine grapes that are in the process of being turned into specialty wines in the near future. You can actually stroll inside the vineyard if the weather is nice and the workers are not that busy. Doing this will most likely trick your mind into thinking that you are in the Napa Valley, or maybe even in the South of France.

Yes, there are basketball and tennis courts inside the Twin Lakes community but the one thing that makes the place really stand out from the rest is that it has its own golf course. Thanks to the inclement weather and climate of Tagaytay, every day is the perfect day for you to hit the rinks and play a couple of rounds of golf with your friends and family.

Sometimes, the weather in Tagaytay does get a bit too hot. In cases like these, you just need to get out of your unit, walk a couple of meters in the community and dive into one of the several luxurious swimming pools in Twin Lakes. If hiking is more of your thing, you can hit one of several nature trails that are within the Twin Lakes community, one of which can actually take you along the banks of the Taal Lake. If you are fond of jogging, there are also designated jogging paths that will take you on a scenic route around the community.

Speaking of lakes, the Twin Lakes also boasts of a man-made artificial lake inside the grounds just beside the golf course. Here, not only can you take a dip in the crystal clear waters. You will also enjoy riding a canoe or kayaking then just marvel at the various sights and sounds around you.

The Twin Lakes community actually has plenty of other features and amenities, so much so that they could not possibly be explained in detail in just one article. You need to see it firsthand so you can experience them for yourself. Once you do, you will find that words cannot even begin to describe the wonder that is the Twin Lakes.

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