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Megaworld : Twin Lakes For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Domaine Le Jardin - Lot ₱ 4,275,610 250 sqm
Domaine Le Jardin - Lot ₱ 9,074,920 569 sqm
Chardonnay (VRC) - 2 BR+Balcony ₱ 14,095,700 102.2 sqm
Chardonnay (VRC) - 1 BR+Balcony ₱ 8,027,150 58.2 sqm
Chardonnay (VRC) - 1 BR+Balcony ₱ 7,222,000 53.3 sqm
Merlot (VRM) - 2BR+Balcony ₱ 11,471,660 81.1 sqm
Merlot (VRM) - 1BR+Balcony ₱ 7,253,350 51.6 sqm
Merlot (VRM) - 1BR+Balcony ₱ 7,433,560 53.3 sqm
Merlot (VRM) - 2BR+Balcony ₱ 14,298,530 102.2 sqm
Shiraz - Studio+Balcony ₱ 4,074,500 29 sqm
Shiraz - 1BR+Balcony ₱ 8,921,750 63.5 sqm
Manor 1 - Studio+Balcony ₱ 3,847,250 27.50 sqm
Manor 1 - 1BR+Balcony ₱ 7,694,500 55 sqm
Manor 1 - Studio +Balcony ₱ 4,166,700 28.50 sqm

The Vineyard Condominiums: 60 Months To Pay at 0% Interest

Domain Le Jardine: 36 Months To Pay at 0% Interest

The Twin Lakes community is most likely one of the most opulent residential areas in the entire country. Not only is it set on more than a thousand acres of pristine land, the features and amenities within the community are also world-class, to say the least. There are only a few exclusive communities like this in the country and none of them actually has half of what the Twin Lakes has to offer. The Twin Lakes is the epitome of hotel-style living set in the heart of nature.

Even if you do not intend to make the Twin Lakes into your permanent residence, investing in it will still be worth your while. For instance, you can turn it into your family’s vacation home where you can go to in the summer. You can also turn your unit into a bed and breakfast, effectively giving yourself quite a lucrative source of income. Then, when it comes time for you to retire, you can move into your unit in the Twin Lakes community and live out the rest of your years in comfort and opulence.

Although there are three condominium buildings in The Vineyard Residences, you still need to act fast because the available units are selling quite fast, most especially the choice units that have the best view of the Taal Lake. If you are looking for a new place to call your home, or if you are on the hunt for a lucrative investment opportunity, then you need not look any further than Twin Lakes.


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